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Ray A. Schettino, Drywall Contractor
      Ray A. Schettino

In Newtown, the Schettino name is synomous with drywall, with three generations in the drywall business. Call Ray for a free estimate for your next project.

New Construction

 · Hanging drywall
 · Taping
 · Finishing




Expert drywall installation — satisfaction guaranteed.

Ray Schettino DrywallProperly installed and finished drywall will look beautiful for years to come. While the installation is very important, it is the finishing stage that is an art form and takes years to master. If done correctly, it is almost impossible to determine where the individual drywall sheets meet.

If not done well, every "mistake" is going to show - especially when a room's lights/lamps are turned on. These imperfections are often the first thing someone's eye is drawn to.